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Biodata Maria Bernadette Damairia Pakpahan

NAME : Maria Bernadette Damairia Pakpahan
DATE OF BIRTH : April 28, 1965
STATUS : Married with one child
ADDRESS : (Home) Ngebel Cilik RT 5 RW 46 No. 11B,
Sardonohardjo, Ngaglik, Sleman, Yogyakarta 55581, Indonesia
TELEPHONE : (Mobile Phone) +62 (0) 81-7411-7530 and +62 (0) 8122 699822
EMAIL : and
CITIZENSHIP : Indonesian

Educational Background
Monash University, Department of Politics, Melbourne Australia, Thesis topic “ The Role of NGOs Activists in Organising Peasant Movement”. MA full research (Not completed). 1997 - 1999

Gadjah Mada University, Anthropology Department. Accepted without testing (PMDK programme). Thesis title “The Myth and Ideology of Development: A Case Study of Kedung Ombo Dam Project”.

Working Experience:
2007 – now Consultant, Circle Indonesia (Cooperative for Civil Society Resources Development).

2006 – 2007 Community Participation and Governance Specialist, World Education, DBE (Decentralised Basic Education) 1 Project USAID hired by World Education.

2005 - 2006 Program Officer/Gender Adviser on Gender – Indonesia Country Office and Aceh Programme, Oxfam UK.

2004 Chair of Local Organizing Committee of ASPBAE (Asia South Pacific Bureau for Adult Education) for the 40th Anniversary and General Assembly in Yogyakarta.

2004 A Member of Working Group for Migrant Domestic Worker Justice funded by Tifa Foundation.

2004 A Member of Team in Rewriting of Indonesian Women’s Coalition For Justice and Democracy, appointed by the National Congress.

2003- now The regular resource person and facilitator for the training Civic Education for Religious Leaders (CEFREL) organized by USC-Satu Nama, supported by DANIDA, for the topic on Gender Justice in the Religions.

2001- 2002 Lecturer (Part time) in STIE IEU Primagama Extension Sekolah Tinggi Ilmu Ekonomi – Higher Education on Economic Science) on Basic Humanities.

1997 Co-facilitator for one week workshop on Human Rights Education, National Commission of Human Rights KOMNASHAM, funded by CIDA.

1997 Assistant to Director of Ecumenical Development Cooperative Service (EDCS) in Indonesia (Part time).

1995 – 1997 The coordinator of education section and researcher for PIPHAM (Pusat Pendidikan Hak Asasi Manusia - Center for Human Rights Information and Education)

1996 Trainer/Facilitator and curricula co-writer of Advocacy Training and Feminism Training held by Solidaritas Perempuan.

1991 - 1995 Kelompok Perempuan Sadar (Ecumenical Feminist Group) and Yayasan Bina Karya Sejahtera, organize trainings and discussions and act as conselor for women.

1990 - 1995 Guide for social activists, lawyers, journalists, and members of parliament from abroad (Japan, Europe and Australia)

1989 - 1990 Lawyer’s Consultant for the political case of Bambang Subono, Bambang Isti Nugroho and Bonar Tigor Naipospos in cooperation with Legal Aid Foundation (LBH)

1988 Teacher of Anthropology and Sociology in Kolese De Britto Senior High School.

1987 Reporter/Correspondant of X-TRA Magazine (Femina Group).

1985-1986 Reporter/Correspondant for MUTIARA Magazine (Sinar Harapan/Suara Pembaruan Group)

Evaluation/Research/Consultancy Experience:
2009 Facilitator for Capacity Building for Cordaid Partners on Women and Violence in Java for Trajectory Capacity Building Programme, March 2009 till February 2010

2009 Consultant for Partners Assessment of Cordaid in Java, for Trajectory Capacity Building Programme, Java, February.

2008 Facilitator The 3rd Partners Meeting of EED- Germany, Berastagi, 22-28 November

2008 Mid-Term Review, Gender Consultant for WWF in Berau East Kalimantan and Solor-Alor Marine Project, September-October

2008 Evaluation Plan International, Yogyakarta Earthquake Programme, as Education Specialist, August

2008 Evaluation ICCO Programme in Nias with the focused on Disaster Management, Livelihood and Food Security, May-June

2008 Research on “Do Philanthropic and Development Agency Act Differently?”, with Circle Indonesia funded by Ford Foundation, on going proroject.

2007 Evaluator for World Vision International (WVI) in SHARE Project, EU
Fund in North Halmahera, on behalf of Circle Indonesia in cooperation with ASK in North Maluku Province, June.

2006 Researcher Amnesty International (contract based) on Domestic
Worker in Indonesia, March.

2004 Evaluator (contract based) of Kakak Foundation – child NGO based in Surakarta- appointed by the TdH Netherlands.

2002 Consultant and Researcher (part time, contract bases) on The Organizing Methodologies in Persepsi, Klaten funded by Ford Foundation.

1988 - 1989 Researcher and Interviewer - for LP3ES (Lembaga Penelitian Pendidikan Penerangan Ekonomi dan Sosial - Institute for Economic and Social Research, Education and Information). The topics are “Women as Single Household” and “The Impact of Kelompencapir (Kelompok Pendengar Pembaca Pemirsa – Government programme in which village groups receive and discuss government provided information) Programme in Some Villages”.

Other Information: Training, Workshops and Organizations:
2009 Participant on Regional Institute on Sexuality, Society and Culture, hosted by TARSHI (Talking About Reproductive and Sexual Health Issues), New Delhi, India, 10-18 May.

2009 Campaigner of Anti Child Marriage since November 2008-2009 through the case of “Syech Puji who married 12 years old girl”.

2009 Trainer of Gender Awareness Training for the staffs of Surfaid International, Padang and Gunung Sitoli, 21-25 April

2009 Resource Person, “Local Regulations which Discriminated Women” Research Launching of National Women Commission Anti Violence Against Women, Yogyakarta, 3 April

2009 Participant on Focus Group Discussion for Module Writing on “Truth and Reconciliation” from the Women Perspective, Syarikat Indonesia, Yogyakarta, 7 April

2009 Resource Person about “Women Movement in Indonesia”, Rumpun Tjoet Nyak Dien, Orientation Workshop for the New Volunteers, Kaliurang, 20 March

2009 Resource Person at Women in Colours about, “Women Movement in Indonesia”, Kartapustaka, Yogyakarta, 15 March

2009 Resource Person at AFSC (American Friends Service Committee) and YEU about “Problems in Women’s Issues”, Advocacy Training, Yogyakarta, 11 March.

2009 Speaker on “Civil Society, Social Movement in Indonesia from the Historical Perspective and Its Challenges” in AJI DAMAI’s general assembly (peace activists networking), Yogyakarta, February 7

2009 Facilitator in Challenge and Opportunity Session in the Workshop on Text Tradition and Transformation in the Context of Global Pluralism, Democracy and Human Rights with Amina Wadud, Organized by LKIS Foundation in cooperation with the International Institute for Quranic Studies – LIBFORALL, Yogyakarta, 28-31 January

2008 Speaker on Feminism and LGBTIQ Issues in commemoration of Yogyakarta Principles, Yogyakarta, December 10.

2008 Resource Person on Pornography Law Controversy, Retjo Buntung Television, November

2008-2009 Member of Ethic Code Board of Indonesian Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy, Yogyakarta, October 2008 – February 2009

2008 Presenter for ICCO Evaluation Tsunami Response, 30-31 August New Delhi, India

2008 Speaker in Seminar on Women Participation in Politics organized by Women Association of Local Parliament Family, June 17, Magelang

2008 Speaker in Commemoration Kartini’s Day on Kartini and the Women Leadership organized by Indonesia Islamic Student Association Law Faculty Indonesia Islamic University, April 20, Yogyakarta

2008 Co-Founders Yogyakarta Women Alliance (Aliansi Perempuan Yogykarta), organize the visiting events of Irshad Manji (Islam lesbian feminist), Victoria Rue (Roman Catholic women priest) and Soetjen Marching (discussion on sexuality)

2008 Speaker in One Day Seminar in Relationship between HIV and AIDs movement, women movement and human rights movement, March 11, 2008, Yogyakarta Plan Parenthood.

2007-2008 Participant in International Guest Programme, International Centre for Tolerance Education, Third Millenium Foundation, New York, USA, December6, 2007 – March 5, 2008

2007 Trainer in Gender Analysis Training, Churches in North Sumatera, Berastagi, November 19-20.

2007 Trainer in Gender Mainstreaming Training, Trocaire, October 30-31, Jakarta

2007 Senior Participant in Gwangju Asian Human Rights Folk School, September 3-20, Gwangju, Seoul and Pusan in South Korea organized by May18 Foundation.

2007 Trainer in Gender Awareness session in USC Satu Nama, August

2007 Facilitator in USC Satu Nama for Gender Analysis, April

2007 Resource person in Feminism in Indonesia for the International Women’s Day 8 March, France Cultural Institute.

2006 Facilitator in Women Alternative Education for Global Justice and Peace Conference, Kapal Perempuan, December

2006 Co-facilitator and interpreter in HIV and AIDs training for World Education Employee, Ciloto, August

2005 Resource person and co-organiser in AGRA (Action Gender Relation in Asia) on Violence Against Women, Oxfam GB, Phnom Penh, October

2005 Participant in International Women’s Human Right Training, St Miriam College, Manila, Philippines, May

2005 Solo Resource person in Jogya-TV about “International Women’s Day and Indonesia Women Movement”, March 12.

2005 A participant in Living Values Education Programme (LVEP) with Fataha in Solo, February 26-27.

2005 Co-facilitator and co-writer module in training of “Feminism and Working” organized by Kapal Perempuan on behalf of Migrant Domestic Worker Working Group for Justice and funded by TIFA in Depok, February 20-25.

2005 Resource Person in the Novel Launching “To have Teacher with the Dog”, Yogyakarta, February 7.

2005 Trainer for Living Values Education Programme (LVEP) with YAKKUM (NGO working with the people with different ability), Yogyakarta, February 5-6.

2005 Participant in Trauma Counselling Workshop in Tarumanegara University, Jakarta, February 3.

2004 Resource Person in Workshop Women Domestic Workers in Islamic Countries, cooperation with Amsterdam University and Centre of Cross Cultural and Religion Gadjah Mada University, December 22.

2004 Resource person in the Feminism Training of Solidaritas Perempuan, November 28.

2004-2005 Member of the Committee for the Project for Voters Education in Local Elections in cooperation with the Provinsial General Election Commission.

2004 Facilitator for the Conflict Transformation with the Feminist Perspective, LKTS, Salatiga, October 12 to 14.

2004 Participant in ASEM’s People Forum, Hanoi Vietnam, September 6 to 9, 2004.

2004 Facilitator in National Meeting Indonesia Civil Society, organized by Sekar, Demos, etc, funded by Tifa Foundation, Jakarta, August 24-26.

2004 Participant in the “TOT of Facilitation Skills for Women Facilitator”, organized by YAPPIKA and facilitated by INSPIRIT, Surabaya, May 24 to 28.

2003-2009 Active member and resource person in the National Movement Not To Vote the Rotten Politician (Gerakan Nasional Tidak Pilih Politisi Busuk).

2003-2005 Vice Chair of APPACHE (Aliansi Perdamaian Papua Acheh or Peace Alliance of Papua Acheh).

2003 Participant in an A Month Short Course on “Transition to Democracy in Indonesia”, organised by Public Administration International (PAI), funded by British Council, London, UK, June 2 to 28, 2003.

2003-now Initiator, co-organiser and participant in the Training of Living Values Education Programme (LVEP), an international values basis of living together organized by Brahma Kumaris in Yogyakarta.

2003 Resource person in regional workshop “Gender Challenge in Southeast Asia”, organized by WARI (Women Action and Research Initiatives), Bangkok, Thailand, March 15 to 17, 2003.

2002 Co-resource person in Asian Civil Society Forum 2002, CONGO, UNCC, Bangkok, Thailand, December 9 to 13, 2002.

2003-now Associate member of Kapal Perempuan (Circle of Education for Women), based in Jakarta.

2002- now Co-founder and active member of the Coalition of Activists Anti Violence Against Women, who concerned with the sexual harassment issue and case. This coalition working in the areas of advocacy, campaign and legislation.

2002 – 2003 Co-founder and active member of the Alliance of Anti Violence Against Children, struggle for the rights of sexual abused and molested children.

2002 Resource person and facilitator on Training for Trainers on “Feminism, Regional Autonomy and Pluralism”, organized by Kapal Perempuan, Yogyakarta.

2002 Participant on “Women Assembly”, organized by Asian Conference on Religion and Peace General Meeting, Yogyakarta.

2002 Participant on “Gender, Peace and Conflict Workshop”, organized by Cordaid and Catholic Relief Service (CRS), Yogyakarta.

2002 Resource person on “Women in Informal Sector”, National Workshop, Organized by Committee of Asian Women (CAW) based in Bangkok, WIM, JAKER Sumut and Kelompok Pelita Sejahtera, Medan, North Sumatra.

2001 – 2002 Co-organizer advocacy and investigation for East Timorese children who have been taken from their parents by the “Hati” foundation. These children brought to Central Java and stationed in the several orphanages.

2000 – now Chair of RUMPUN (feminist organization who have two institutions: RUMPUN Tjoet Nyak Dien in Yogyakarta and RUMPUN Gema Perempuan in Jakarta, focused in advocacy of women/children domestic worker).

2001 Facilitator on Regional Autonomy and Gender Equality, Discussion with the rural women activist, Organized by Koalisi Perempuan in Yogyakarta province level.

2001 - 2002 Co-founder of Coalition of NGOs which working on human rights with based on non-violence principle (Konsolidasi Rakyat Anti Kekerasan – Non Violence People’s Consolidation), Yogyakarta.

2001 Resource Person on Gender Needs in Gender Training for the Youth Activists of Muhammadiyah (IRM - Ikatan Remaja Muhammadiyah) from all over Indonesia organized by Alifah (a NGO part of IRM for gender justice), Yogyakarta.

2001 Resource person on “The Variety of Feminism” in Gender Sensitivity Training of WALHI’s activists from West Indonesia organized by Kapal Perempuan, Yogyakarta.

2001 Resource person on “The Women’s Politics”, Political Education, organized by Solidaritas Perempuan, Yogyakarta.

1998 Co-founder of Koalisi Perempuan Indonesia untuk Keadilan dan Demokrasi – Indonesia Women’s Coalition for Justice and Democracy in DPR (House of Parliament) May 1998, Jakarta.

1997 Participant in Seminar in Freedom of the Press and of in Information organized by Friedrich Nauman Stiftung, Gummersbach, Germany.

1995 Participant in Intercultural Course in Women and Society (ICWS), organized by Institute of Women Studies St. Scholastica, NURSIA, Manila, Philippines.

1995 Coordinator of Seminar on “Political Prisoners”of Masyarakat Yogyakarta untuk Kemanusiaan (Yogyakarta Society for Humanitarian).

1994 Invited to the Netherlands by Komittee Indonesia for Women’s Conference on Women Issues in Third World Countries and Human Rights Issues in Indonesia.

1993 Chairperson of National Christian Women’s Meeting on Violence against Women in Muntilan, Central Java.

1993 Facilitator for Gender Analysis Training of Lajnah NU in Kaliurang

1993 - 1995 Participant of Gender Training and co-founder of the Gender Dissemination Networking in Yogyakarta and other cities in Java, funded by CUSO

1993 - 1997 Co-founder and education coordinator in PIPHAM

1992 - now Co-founder and active member in Kelompok Perempuan Sadar (Women’s Awareness Group), Ecumenical Protestant-Catholic Feminists Group.

1992 Participated in Gender Analysis Training organized by YPM (Yayasan Perempuan Mardhika - Liberated Women Foundation)

1991 - now Co-founder and active member of Forum Perempuan Cut Nyak Dien (Cut Nyak Dien’s Women Forum) and had been coordinator of communication and education

1991 Co-founder and active organizer of Kelompok Diskusi Perempuan International (International Women’s Discussion Group), Yogyakarta which discuss feminism, gender is included.

1990 Invited to Australia to give lectures on Indonesian women’s and student movement for the “Winter Lecture Series Programme” sponsored by the Australia-Indonesia Institute

1989 Invited to Thailand and Laos to speak about student movements for the Peace Forum, organised and sponsored by the Asian Student Association

1989 Co-founder and active member of Forum Komunikasi Mahasiswa Yogyakarta (Coummunication Forum of Yogyakarta Student).

1989 Co-founder and active member in Kelompok Solidaritas Korban Pembangunan Kedung Ombo (KSKPKO - Solidarity Group for The Victims of Kedung Ombo Dam Development)

1988 Co-founder and active member in Forum Diskusi Perempuan Yogyakarta (Yogyakarta Women’s Discussi Forum). Active in the documentation section, organized discussions and trainings and published feminist comic

1988 Vice coordinator of Seminar on “Women’s Role in the Socio Political Change” (YLBHI - Indonesia Legal Aid Foundation) in Jakarta

1988 Organized petition and demonstration for the “Rumini Ida” case in Salatiga. The case involved a women who burned her husband because of domestic violence.

1987 - 1988 Active member with Yayasan Pondok Rakyat, organized several discussions

1986 - 1987 Active in Student Press in Gajah Mada University as a trainer for the report writing

1984 - 1988 Social worker (teacher and friend) for the street children and illeterate women in a slum area in Yogyakarta with Girli (later being Humana Foundation)

1984 - 1986 Chairperson, Keluarga Mahasiswa Antropologi (Student Union of Anthropology)

1983 - 1984 Volunteer teacher for children at fishing village in Jakarta slum area

1980 - 1983 Co-founder and active member of Remaja Kreatif (Creative Teenagers - an organization for young journalists and writers)

1979 - 1981 Reporter KAWANKU children magazine

Publications :
Kompas (Swara), Kompas Yogya, Basis, Lila Asia Pacific Women’Studies Journal, Sinar Harapan, Mutiara, etc.

Languages : Bahasa Indonesia, Jawanese, Sundanese, Bataknese, and English :

1995 One semester, English Course - Academic Class- pass with the A-great in Pusat Pelatihan Bahasa UGM (Center for Language Training of Gadjah Mada University)

Hobbies : Reading, travelling, bushwalking, and dancing


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